the first roblog in the world...(and human posts to it too sometimes)
wearwell, here it is- the worlds first robot blog (or roblog). my sony aibo automatically posts pictures on its own, via a built in camera and my home wifi network. right now whuffie (the dog's name) is set to post a photo every 6 hours. i post once and awhile from my p900 sony ericsson phone as well.

p900, phone straps and more...
the sony ericsson p900 is a pretty nice phone, all of my accessories all the way back to the t68i and the new z600 all work which is quite nice (headsets, chargers, laser beam, flash light, cradles, bluetooth car, etc...).

the other cool thing is the small hole made for phone straps, these are very popular in japan and i think these will be big in the usa towards the end of 2004. my fav- a tiny screen cleaner from japan to clean the screen.


experiment on this site wear
wear i am a geek. it's hard to be more of a geek than yours truly. you need only to read this site to get an idea of just how geeky geek can get. that said, that doesn't mean one can't and won't geek out in other areas in life besides technology. clothes can be cool, they're our skin, they keep us warm, we use them just about all day, every day. here i post what things i am trying to invent, what phones i try and write software for, what robots i am experimenting with. i figure it's about time to post what i think is cool or interesting to wear, what laptop bags work-all for the geeky guy out there.





meet one of my childhood mentors, from 1978...the 2xl robot
in 1978 mego corp released a robot called "2xl" it was basically a teaching machine which played 8-track tapes for kids, he'd ask you questions, play games, you could interact with it with the 4 buttons in front- there were dozens of tapes filled with amazing knowledge. i was three years old at the time and an only child so for the most part this was best friend. i suspect that experience kick started my robotics hobby and quest to invent useful technologies with machine-human interaction while having fun.